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Opportunity Presentation

This new suite of tools, developed by a brain trust of Master Coordinators, empowers you to present Shaklee and our incredible Business Opportunity in a variety of contexts.

  1. Napkin Presentation – video training by Presidential Master Coordinator Charlene Fike
  2. Opportunity Presentation – slide deck and suggested script for more formal settings:
    English — PPT | PDF
    Spanish — PPT | PDF
    English — DOC | PDF
    Spanish — DOC | PDF
  3. Opportunity Presentation Recording – by Senior Master Coordinator James Hatcher
  4. Opportunity Presentation Recording – by Senior Master Coordinator Laura Evans

YOUTH General Social Post Invitations

Series of social posts for use in a YOUTH®-focused event.

Social post for use in a Beauty/YOUTH®-focused event.

YOUTH® Power Duo Social Series

Social Post series promoting YOUTH® Power Duos

Shaklee Opportunity/Business Social Series

Series of three social posts covering different aspects of Shaklee income opportunity.

Series of income opportunity lifestyle social posts.

A series of social posts to announce your business, thank customers for orders and create conversations on social about your Shaklee business.

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