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Immunity Challenge Pack

Social Engagement Posts

Fun and motivational posts support your social content and spark conversation

Prove It Challenge Product Imagery

Social imagery for use in promoting the Prove It Challenge.

Prove It Challenge Social Animations

3D and Animations* for use in social to promote the Prove It Challenge.

Spanish Prove It Challenge Animations* (Stories)

*Need help in using our animations in social?  Click this link for instructions.

Prove It Challenge Living Proof Social

Prove It Challenge Living Proof Testimonials for social.

“More fit than ever…”

“Morning routine changed…”

“Most happy and healthy I’ve ever been…”

“More control over my health…”

“…Simplified my routine…”

“…More energetic, more balanced…”

“Can’t go a day without…”

“Stronger, healthier and more fit…”

“Kept feeling better and better…”

“Better wife and mom…”

  • Stories  (ENG)
  • Square  (ENG)
  • Rectangular  (ENG)

“Call me the energizer bunny…”

Shaklee Opportunity/Business Social Series with Text

Shaklee Opportunity/Business Social Series

Series of three social posts covering different aspects of Shaklee income opportunity.

Series of income opportunity lifestyle social posts.

A series of social posts to announce your business, thank customers for orders and create conversations on social about your Shaklee business.

Help Others:

General Celebration Event Social Post

Social posts for use as invitation for a general celebration.

Veterans Join Offer Social Post

Social post for use in sharing special join offer for veterans.

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